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AML-S905X-CC Mainline Linux Preview Image 7

After much ado, the AML-S905X-CC ethernet issue has finally been resolved. This images has the following fixes/features:

  • Swap partition generation (1GB-2GB in size determined by SD card size)
  • Fixed ethernet EEE causing link drop
  • Updated to Linux kernel 4.14.11
  • Overlay support in the Linux kernel
  • Zswap for larger memory foot-print applications

Issues still outstanding for official image release:

  • shutdown/suspend/wakeup
  • add kernel, u-boot, and board specific binaries into deb files
  • add repository to apt for board support deb files
  • display pipeline support
  • wayland support
  • codec acceleration support
  • overlay auto-loading in u-boot
  • boot device detection and selection
  • eMMC support

The image release can be downloaded here.

4 thoughts on “AML-S905X-CC Mainline Linux Preview Image 7

  1. what is login password aml s905x-cc mainline linus

  2. I got in using computer as password, now I cant figure out how to get sound

  3. In one afternoon, I got my board to drop less frames than all 18 of my boards except odoo x86 advanced. I love if it is very fast. I love it thanks.

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