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Retro Gaming on AML-S905X-CC with Lakka!

One of the most popular uses for single board computers is playing retro games. AML-S905X-CC now has a Lakka image (Thanks kszaq for the tip and the Lakka team for their great work!) If you don’t know what Lakka is, it is basically one of two popular RetroArch distros, the other being RetroPie. Lakka is built on top of LibreELEC and has a very friendly UI that lets you dive into retro gaming very quickly. Hopefully we get formal support soon but we are very excited to have this feature.

AML-S905X-CC is one of our fastest low cost and low power platforms. It should run emulators significantly faster than the Raspberry Pi 3. Please try it out and let us know your thoughts!

13 thoughts on “Retro Gaming on AML-S905X-CC with Lakka!

  1. Thank you for all additional supported images. But, please, focus on the full-featured images like Ubuntu/Debian/Android to bring out release builds with eMMC, fixed MAC address bug, more screen resolutions and so on.
    We’ve been waiting for about 4 months, we got hardware but no usable software yet. It’s a pity 🙁

    1. Additional DMT modes were added. We will re-spin the images next week with the patches. Any specific request just in case we don’t have it covered?

      1. I’m interested to use this Waveshare 7″ Display (1024×600)

  2. Password ? Will not launch. Asks for passwod

  3. Trying it out atm.

    – The missing fix for the wired networkcard is making moving roms to the SD-card a hazzle but manageable.
    – Noticed that the OS hangs randomly when moving files via Samba.

    Gonna do some preformence testing now. Get back when this is done.

    1. This image is using a really old kernel. Once mainline Linux is in a ready enough state, we will re-spin this image and it will be significantly more robust.

  4. Where can I buy it?

  5. yes. post the damn defaultt passwd. I have spent over an hour trying to find. And YES jack make it clear. YES, it will be clear once you know where in the hell it is. Make it Clear put it right by the download GET IT.

    1. Lakka like LibreELEC does not need a password to start. You have to turn on ssh access separately.

  6. any news for an updated LibreELEC Image?

  7. Trying to get this image to work with my unit, but unfortunately, I’m only getting a black screen. Had a clean Samsung Evo 32GB memory card (yellow), wrote the image to the card, inserted it and turned it on, but I’m greeted with nothing but a black screen. I tried reflashing to see if maybe I messed something up along the way, but no dice.

    Is there a step I am missing that is stopping this from loading on Le Potato?

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