Posted on 2017-12-26

Get your Kodi on! LibreELEC for AML-S905X-CC by kszaq and Image Preview Release 6

LibreELEC fork developer kszaq recently made images for AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) based on LibreELEC 8.x. He hopes that his work will eventually be upstreamed to LibreELEC. This is wonderful news as it features hardware acceleration built around Linux kernel 3.14. This is a nice Christmas present for everybody and we greatly appreciate your work kszaq! You can now get Kodi media center on Linux running on our boards.

Community is a hard thing to get right and we are glad to have people contribute to the ecosystem. We are focused on proper upstream support for the technologies we use in hopes that the work will have a great impact on the open-source community and people building on top of it.

We hope to have Wayland and V4L2 support in mainline Linux with BayLibre's assistance in 2018 so that we can run the latest and greatest like Ubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu Linux preview image 6 is available based on Linux 4.14.7 LTS.

Hope you all have a jolly holiday season and see you next year! We will be seeing what's new at CES 2018. Hopefully we will see you there!