Posted on 2018-10-08

RetroPie Released for Le Potato and Coming Soon to Tritium!

Fresh off the tasty build server is some RetroPie for Le Potato! After a 10 day hiatus in the software trenches, we have modified the RetroPie installer to utilize the latest software technologies we've enabled upstream. Some big terms like Kernel Mode Setting, Display Rendering Manager, EGL, and SDL2 were used. But solder on we did through undefined references, missing packages, blank screens, and more to bestow this wonderful img after six hours of build time.

This image runs on MicroSD cards and eMMC since it uses our upstream software foundation. It stays away from proprietary APIs like dispmanx like the Raspberry Pi does and is probably the first images for RetroPie to utilize the latest Linux display infrastructure APIs instead of the fbdev hack. Yes, standards are important! You can use lc_redetect_emmc and lc_distro_transfer to move the factory image from MicroSD card to eMMC just like our regular images.

With this image, we must let people know that they can really give back to the community with time and money. The libretro project is one much similar to ours with a community ethos. They have spent 8 years building the foundational layers necessary to preserving gaming history. They are the basis for RetroPie and Lakka but don't receive as much press. Without them, it would be difficult for there to be a retro community. We have been a patron of the libretro project and have donated more than $5000 to their effort. If you really enjoy retrogaming, we highly recommend supporting these guys through Patreon.

We should have the Tritium image up within two days after some building and testing. The H2+ and H3 variants of Tritium will support more emulators since the 32-bit armhf dynarec engines for various architectures are in better shape than their 64-bit aarch64 equivalents. There are efforts to build a new dynarec for aarch64 for N64 and this is where you can help too by contributing either time or money. Needless to say, we have contributed monetary funds as well since we have no ability in this respect. You can also support this type of funding through purchasing our boards!

Look out for our La Frite Kickstarter campaign on Wednesday! It shares the same architectural basis as Le Potato in a smaller form factor.

You can get the image here. We hope you have a joyous Columbus day.