Posted on 2019-02-19

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Images for Le Potato with UEFI

Happy Presidents Day for those in the United States! Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS was recently released and we have packaged up some new images with some of our work as well.

Major Improvements

  • Linux 4.19.23
    • eMMC 5.x speeds up to 180MB/s and eMMC 4.x speeds up to 90MB/s
  • u-boot 2019.04rc1
    • Libre Computer boot logo
      • custom boot logo support via u-boot.bmp in EFI partition
    • Integrated configuration loading via u-boot.ini file in EFI partition
      • sd_uhs=1 #enables SD UHS mode
      • cvbs=0 #turns off cvbs output
      • emmc=4.x #modifies device tree to support eMMC 4.x modules
      • efuse=rw #enables writing to OTP efuses
    • EFI application support
      • Ubuntu's GRUB EFI application for chainloading instead of fixed kernel image directly

The purpose of this work coincides with the release of La Frite. We needed to have a standardized bootloader logic so we dropped the use of u-boot script and opted to merge the code directly into u-boot.

You can now use standard GRUB to set kernel boot parameters as well as detect other operating systems on other devices so that you can boot to them.

We will have a demo video of u-boot operating from SPI-NOR for La Frite booting standardized Ubuntu/Debian images.

The images are located on the AML-S905X-CC product page under the Download tab.