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Get your Kodi on! LibreELEC for AML-S905X-CC by kszaq and Image Preview Release 6

LibreELEC fork developer kszaq recently made images for AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) based on LibreELEC 8.x. He hopes that his work will eventually be upstreamed to LibreELEC. This is wonderful news as it features hardware acceleration built around Linux kernel 3.14. This is a nice Christmas present for everybody and we greatly appreciate your work kszaq! You can now get Kodi media center on Linux running on our boards.

Community is a hard thing to get right and we are glad to have people contribute to the ecosystem. We are focused on proper upstream support for the technologies we use in hopes that the work will have a great impact on the open-source community and people building on top of it.

We hope to have Wayland and V4L2 support in mainline Linux with BayLibre’s assistance in 2018 so that we can run the latest and greatest like Ubuntu 18.04. Ubuntu Linux preview image 6 is available based on Linux 4.14.7 LTS.

Hope you all have a jolly holiday season and see you next year! We will be seeing what’s new at CES 2018. Hopefully we will see you there!

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Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Preview Image 4 with GUI and Linux 4.14.3


After weeks of hard work, we are finally able to release preview image 4 based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the latest mainline Linux 4.14.3 and u-boot with some out-of-tree patches. The u-boot is based on the latest 2017-11 release due to upstreaming work by Neil Armstrong from our partner BayLibre. The image is designed for >4GB SD cards at the moment. eMMC has not been tested (and definitely will not work). Support for eMMC will come on the next version.

Changes from Preview Release 3

  • Upgraded Linux kernel from 4.13.3 to 4.14.3
  • Switched from Amlogic’s u-boot to mainline u-boot 2017-11
  • Added automatic filesystem resize on boot to expand to full MicroSD card size
  • Added ssh host key regeneration on boot
  • Disabled CVBS in the device tree to reduce the occurance of HDMI resolution-unsupported/no-video
  • Utilize the latest zstd compression feature of BTRFS for faster read/write
  • Increase MicroSD card bus speed
  • Faster 2D performance
  • Added a bunch of WiFi and Bluetooth drivers so USB based dongles should all be supported

Outstanding/Known Bugs

  • SSH is enabled and there’s a default password for the libre user
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 is not enabled since performance of xf86-arm-soc hinders the GPU performance
  • There may be an issue with ethernet PHY
  • Kernel and other packages need to be deb’ed
  • Missing 4K support in the mainline kernel

Image Download Link

AML-S905X-CC Ubuntu Images

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AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato) Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS Preview Image 3

Our third Ubuntu 16.04 LTS preview image based on mainline Linux 4.13 can be found on the AML-S905X-CC product page. This release incorporates the following features:

You can download it and flash it to a 4GB+ MicroSD card via Win32DiskImager. If you run into any issues, please do not hessitate to let us know via our partner’s forum. There are some known issues that will be addressed before final images:

  • I2S is not functional
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 is bottlenecked by an unoptimized xf86-video-armsoc xorg driver
  • Monitor must support 576p since CVBS is enabled or you will get no video
  • Missing 4K support in the mainline kernel
  • Missing automatic filesystem resize
  • SSH host keys are not automatically regenerated
  • SSH is enabled and there’s a default password for the libre user
  • Kernel and other packages need to be deb’ed

We will re-spin the image to fix many issues once Linux 4.14 LTS is released. Android 7.1 running on MicroSD card will be released next week.

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Armbian Love

Due to the great work of the Armbian community, we have work-in-progress images for the Libre Computer Board AML-S905X-CC. They released two images, one for server and one for desktop. The server image is based on mainline Linux while the desktop image is based on Amlogic’s Linux.

Please note that not every feature is ironed out and we will be steadily improving the mainline kernel and images to be more user friendly. If you run into issues please use the LoveRPi Forum for kernel and image issues or the Armbian Forum for Armbian issues.